Best books on Macroeconomics

Best books on Macroeconomics

What is Macroeconomics?

The study of economics involving phenomena that affects the entire economy, including inflation,economic decline, unemployment, economic growth, price levels, and the relationships between all of these.  Where macroeconomics looks it how household and businesses make decisions and behave in the marketplace and macroeconomics looks in a big picture. It analyses the entire economy. We live in a complex and inter-connected world. The economy is affecting to all. Most of us depend on the economy to provide job or business opportunities so we can make money to buy the goods and services we need to survive in function modern society.
The study of macroeconomics allows us to better understand what makes our economy growth and what makes it contract. A growing economy provides opportunities for a better life while a contracting economy disasters for most everyone. Macroeconomics provides the analysis for proper policy making  so we can develop the nature best economy possible. Macroeconomics focuses on three broad areas and the relationship between them. These three concepts affect all participants  in economy including consumers workers producers and government.

Economic Output

Macroeconomics studies the national output or income of a country. The National economic output is the total value of all good and services produced in an economy during a specific time period. Economists measure national output by calculating  the gross domestic product (GDP) which is the market value of final goods and services an economy produced during  a specific period of time. Economists will use the term real GDP which is GDP valued at a constant price level to compare the current output with past output. This comparison will tell you the economy is growing to stagnate or it’s contracting. The basic model that used in macroeconomics to study economic fluctuations is the model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. The model involves two variables. The economy output which measures by real GDP and economy overall price level measured by a price index. Usually the GDP deflator or CPI. You can plop the general price level in an economy on the vertical axis of the graph and the quantity of the output on the horizontal axis. The aggregate supply curve is upward sloping and the short run but vertical in a long run. The aggregate demand curve is downward sloping. Economic output in the price level will move towards the point where aggregate supply equal to aggregate demand. Fluctuation in economics output generally called by one of two things.
01. Fluctuation can occur when the aggregate demands shifts.
If the aggregate demand curve shifts to the left output and prices will decline. IF the curve shifts to the right output and prices will rise.
02. Economic fluctuations may be caused by a shift in aggregate supply.
A right shift in the aggregate supply curve means that the quantity of goods and services supply will increase at a particular price level. If a short-term aggregate supply shifts to the left output will fall and prices will rise. This is called stagflation.


Macroeconomic study employment and what leads to unemployment which is the percentage of people who are not working but want to work. Unemployment doesn’t economic reality. There is a natural rate of unemployment that in an economy normally experiences even one in an economy is stable. Cyclical unemployment is a deviation from the natural unemployment rate that is usually caused by fluctuations in the business cycle. People transitioning between jobs cause frictional unemployment and structural unemployment which unemployment that occurs when there are jobs available. but unemployed workers don’t have the skills to qualify for them. Economists measure unemployment through calculating the unemployment rate and the labor participation rate. The unemployment rate measures the percentage of people in the labor force that are unemployed. Labor participation rate measures the percentage of people that are eligible to work but are not working.

Inflation and Deflation

Inflation is a rise in the general price level of an economy and Deflation is a decline in the general price level of an economy
Money supply is correlated to Inflation and Deflation. According to the quantity theory of money, the quantity of money available in an economy will determine the general price level and the growth rate in the quantity of money will determine the rate of inflation. As the money supply increases, inflation will increase.

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Best books on Agnosticism

Best books on Agnosticism

What do Agnostics believe

what do agnostics believe
Above scale of religiosity from one to seven, where one is I know there is a god and seven is I know there is no god. And we got a scale of intermediate agnostic  positions in between. Four is exactly 50%. Number four agnostic believes the probability of god existing and not existing is exactly equal. Number two is I don’t exactly know there is a god but I believe in a very high probability that being a god I am a day factor theist, I strongly believe in god and live my life on the assumptions that he is there. Number six, somebody who believe the very low probability of god existing but still not quite zero. I am a day factor atheist and I think god is very improbable and I live my life on the assumptions that he isn’t there. I am an  agnostic but with the same level of belief in god is I have belief in fairy or unicorns. But from Russell  illustrate to with his parable of celestial teapot he pointed out it is impossible to disprove the hypothesis that there is a china teapot in orbit around the earth or around the sun between the orbit mars.

We there for all have to be agnostic about the teapot theory but in practice, we are all teapots. To make it clear that the agnostic position should not be confused with an exact fifty-fifty probability position. There are people who quite wrongly and illogically say you can either prove or disprove the existence of god. There for there is an exactly fifty percent probability of god existing. That, of course, is completely illogical. Just because you can disprove something on the teapot example shows that it doesn’t mean the fifty percent probability. The hypothesis of the existence of god has a scientific hypothesis and also disagree with many of scientific theories who feel that science and religion have absolutely nothing to do with each other and you could be a perfectly good scientist while your religious belief is a purely private matter that has nothing whatever to do with your science. That’s wrong because a universe with a god would be a completely different kind of universe from one without and the differents would be a scientific difference.

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The God of the Bible and the God of the Philosophers (Aquinas Lecture)
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Best stress management books


What is stress?

Stress is a primary physical way to response. Everyone needs a little stress in their life to perform. Too much stress makes life harder. Stress can be more explained as a feeling or a reaction for a certain situation. It’s the body`s way of making you more alert and ready to take a challenge.  Stress comes in different ways.   Being worried, cranky, headache, hard to concentrate and being jumpy are some common ways to show you that you have been stressed.  Not only your mind, your entire body can be affected by stress.

When you are in a stressful situation your brain releases a signal .Because of this your body releases hormones including Adrenalin which increase your heart rate and boost energy supplies. And also it releases the primary stress hormone; cortisol increases the sugar and glucose in the blood strain. This natural reaction is called the stress response which helps us a lot when we are in a critical situation to get quick response and perform well.
The problem is the body doesn’t always reset itself to normal. And over the long term you may face health issues.  But there are ways to manage stress and make it under control.

Stress management techniques

Learning how to manage stress and respond with a positive attitude you grow as a person and can easily move on with life. You may face different situations in real life.
Mostly the first experience will make you stressful and uneasy. To deal with this you have to identify what made you stress or uneasy. If you feel it have been occurred sometime before try to build a positive environment. As an example if you get frustrated about the traffic at the peak hours while your drive to the office, wake up early and drive bit early so that you can avoid the traffic and can freshly start your work.
If you face for an unexpected situation you will get panicked without even knowing. Your stress level may reach high. At that moment try to calm yourself down. Take some deep breaths.  If it is an immediate situation to respond your hormones will naturally make you go through it. Or if it’s a different situation you can take a break , listen to music and calm yourself down and face it.
Always have the positive attitude with you, learn to use relaxation response and face stress. Simple incidents will give you experience and make them useful to manage your stress in the future.

What is brainwave entertainment?

Brainwaves are electrical pulses which also called the root of the communication signals between your brain and neurons. It comes out as thoughts, behaviors and emotions.
With brainwave entertainment, you are able to access brainwave states that make you learning and believe change hundred times easier. How brainwave works is it takes the advantage of a natural process called the frequency following response. In brainwave entertainment the frequency of your brain naturally follows is synchronized and used to improve the learning and changing ability in you.
Beats of frequencies that matched your ideal brainwave state are used to make this change. Then when the neurons boosts at specific frequencies the body will release specific hormones and chemical. Then you will feel and act differently according those frequencies.  When they are combined with other situations and after supervision, the outcome can be used to improve the learning and changing of your emotions and behavior.
Brainwave entertainment is a very interesting side and a whole new level of stress management.

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Books on veterinary medicine

Books on veterinary medicine

What is Veterinary Medicine

The word veterinary comes from latin word meaning of catel(dog). But veterinary medicine today includes studies of all animals including humans. Veterinary medicine affects human health too. Veterinary inspect the health of animal and people in a wide variety of ways. By specializing in a care of particular animals such as dogs, cats, birds or cows. The veterinarian also working areas which animals affect society. Such as the food supply. Other Veterinarian select detectives and conduct researches. Some going to teach them. No matter what you are interested. There is the place for you in veterinary medicine.

Become a Veterinarian

The dream of working in animal medicine is one that many people have. If you want to become a doctor of veterinarian medicine takes more than love for animals. The process of earning a degree an earning the trust of clients requires many years of work and dedication. You are probably close to your pets as they are part of the family. But the concern of the millions of agriculture animals and horses they also need health care. Then think a groundbreaking research that can prove the life of both animals and people. Now you realizing how diverse a degree and veterinary medicine really is. Becoming a veterinarian is challenges, expensive sacrifice. But those you graduate will tell you it’s incredibly rewarding profession and career.

So how you become a veterinarian. First, you need a strong high school experience with the good grade in maths and science and need to complete a high school diploma/equivalent. After you need to go to a college and complete bachelor’s degree(4years). Then you take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). Based on your score and college grade you looked in Veterinary school (4 years). This will take approximately four years. After graduation will take and pass North American Veterinary Licensing Exam. Then you are on the job.

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Books on Buddha teachings

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion of over 350 million people which makes Buddhism the 4th largest religion and a transnational religion in the world.
Buddhism is based on teachings of Lord Buddha. Mainly Buddhism is a non-theistic religion . There is no God and Buddhism demands no blind faith. The religion is focused on how to know the truth and attain enlightenment by your own.
There are 3 types of Buddhism which has slight differences and also depend on the countries. Theravada Buddhism has been spread over South and Southeast Asian countries eg- India , Srilanka. Also Mahayana Buddhism can be found in East Asia eg-Singapore, Malaysia. And Vajrayana Buddhism which can be found mainly in Tibet and Mongolia.
Buddhism and the teachings are far beyond a religion. It is the truth valid for all time. It is the way of life, the own way to find wisdom and peace within our self and finally the path of being enlightened.
Temples are made to worship Lord Buddha and follow Buddhism. It is also the best place to learn. The followers of Lord Buddha known as Buddhist Monks or Bhikku spread the teaching of Buddhism . Lord Buddha , His teachings which is known as Dhamma and Bhikku which is Sangha can be worshiped in a temple.

Lord Buddha

Buddhism really starts with the story of Sri Siddhartha Gauthama , who was destined to be the greatest teacher across the world. The greatest was born on a full moon poya day In May in n district of Nepal . Queen Mahamaya gave birth to the prince Siddhartha, and he was the only child of King suddhodhana. Right after 7 days of his birth, Queen died and Queen`s sister princess Prajapathi became his stepmother.
After birth, the soothsayers mentioned he will become the world greatest King or he will renounce all the pleasure ,leave the palace to find the truth and peace and will become the greatest of the world . Father, the King was scared of his child leaving the palace. So he kept prince Siddhartha isolated in the palace giving him all the luxury and hid all the pain away. At age sixteen he married a beautiful princess named Yashodhara and the day he gave birth to a child named Rahula, Prince Siddhartha had been realized the uncertainty of human life and left the palace to find the truth.
He meditate. Met teachers and learned ways. He gave pleasure and tried to find a proper path. He gave pain and suffering whether he could find a way to the correct path. But finally he knew the path was neither pleasure nor pain. He discovered it is the Middle path called Majjhima Prathipada . And at age thirty five on a full moon poya day in May defeating all the pain, sorrows, and pleasure Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the greatest religion teacher in the world, The Lord Buddha.
At age eighty Buddha abandon his body which we called Maha Parinirvana. For forty-five years Lord Buddha spread his Noble teachings across the world for the sake of the humankind.

Core concepts of Buddhism

In Buddhism the final desire to attain enlightenment or Nibbhana. For that all human beings should leave all kinds of happiness and pain and should follow the Middle way.
In Buddhism “Five Percepts” is the foundation of a Buddhist. He/she should undertake and protect five precepts and protect them. Then it becomes easier to avoid karma and can be closer to attain enlightenment.
Four Noble truths are the truths valid in all times. Suffering, reason for suffering, ending from suffering and the way to end suffering and the right path for wisdom are the Four Noble Truths. In every situation and all the time these truths can help to find the correct path. And in the end, you can attain nibbhana from yourself.
And finally to attain enlightenment the human being should understand and undertake the Eight Fold-path, Four Bodhisattwa vows, Ten Paramitas and should understand not only the main teachings which comes under Dhamma but also the deep concepts and teachings of Lord Buddha which is called Abhidhamma.
Buddhism is a vast area of knowledge which was understood by Lord Buddha and spread across the world for the sake of human being to end the suffering.

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Books on web hosting

best books on Web Hosting

Hosting Service

A web hosting service is used to access websites via world wide web.

To make your website visible on the world wide web your site files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the internet. These large high power computers called web servers. Web hosting service companies physically have more than one servers in one location and it called data center.  In addition, website host provides the security, software, bandwidth and support to connect your website to the internet.

Imagine web hosting company is a shopping complex that contains several individual stores. If you want to open a store in the shopping center you can leave space and set up a shop. Just like shopping center web hosting companies allow you to leave space in their web servers. Where you can store your files and make them available for visitors to view on the internet.

There Three types of hosting

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Servers)
  3. Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting

In a Shared hosting solution, your hosting account is one of many accounts on the server or group of servers that maintain by hosting provider. If you new to hosting and watching your budget shared hosting might be a good place to start.

Few things to consider when determining a shared hosting is a right choice for you.

Daily traffic to a small business website doesn’t exceed 2000 visitors. This means small business website typically don’t require a lot of bandwidth or resource to support them. In addition, newer small business website tends to be more simple and straightforward with fewer files and data. Which in term means they often do not require a lot of severing space and the resources. By sharing a hosting with others   Shared hosting solutions allow you to get your small business website power and space it needs and much lower cost than a dedicated solution.

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

It is like a townhouse. It is bigger and gives you more control than your shared account. With VPS you have control with everything inside your walls. But you share the property. You can also install whatever programs that you want. It is more ductile than the shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server is like having your own home in which the client leases. An entire server that is not shared with anyone else. Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organization or for a single purpose. This is in contrast to shared hosting, in which a server acts as a host to multiple clients.

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Best books on cloud computing

Best books on cloud computing

What is cloud computing

To meet every changing business and organizations, need to invest time and budget to scale up their IT infrastructure. Like hardware, software and services. However, with on premises, IT infrastructure scaling can be slow. And organizations are unable to achieve optimal utilization of the IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is a paradigm shift that provides computing over the internet. A cloud computing servers consist of highly optimizing virtual data centers. They provide software, hardware and information resources for use or needed. Organization can simply connect to the cloud and use the available resources on a pay per use basses. This helps companies to avoid capital expenses on extra on-premises infrastructure resources. And instantly scale up or scale down according to business requirements. You can deploy cloud computing service by using three different models.

  1.    Private cloud.
  2.    Public cloud.
  3.   Hybrid cloud.

Private cloud function solely for one organization on a private network. And it’s highly secured. A public cloud owned by the service provider. And offers the highest level of efficiency in shared resources. A hybrid cloud is the combination of private and public development models. In a hybrid, cloud-specific resources are run or used in a public cloud and others are used on premises in a private cloud. This provides increased efficiency. Cloud computing consists of following service models.

Service Models

  1. Infrastructure as a service(IaaS).
  2. Platform as a service(PaaS).
  3. Software as a service(SaaS).

By using the Iaas model organizations get infrastructure component. Such as computing power, storage capacity. Here the organization has control over the whole IT infrastructure. Including the hosting environment and the applications. However, the organization needs to partition additional staff to maintain and manage the infrastructure and the application. Microsoft had proposed remote desktops and virtual machines to Microsoft windows Azure as and Iaas offering. The Paas model provides an organization with the platform or a runtime environment to create and deploy applications. Here the organization is only accounted for the development, maintenance and management of the applications. Microsoft offers the Windows Azure platform as a Paas offering. The Saas model provides organizations with ready to use application then use a combination of cloud-based computing and storage services. Microsoft provides various online services. Such as Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as a SaaS offering. To understand how cloud computing can help an organization extended IT capabilities consider wide world importers. A company that manufactures beauty products. The research department has to store and process a large amount of data. Thus, the company is looking for a cost-effective compute and storage solution. Additionally, wide world importers have a group of scientist situated at different geographical locations. The geographical barrier affects research requiring a better collaboration solution. And addition the company is planning to develop a cost-effective data-mining application to collect visiting data during its week-long worldwide annual beauty pageant. Cloud computing provides wide world importers with an efficient and effective response to their problems. Wide world importers can subscribe for additional compute and storage services offering by Windows Azure on a pay per use spaces to move all of its statistical data analysis and storage to Windows Azure. By doing so they can tie-up more on research. Wide world importers can use BPOS Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Share Point Online for efficient collaboration for design, development, and testing of the data mining application. The company can use the Windows Azure platform to incline on software evaluation and reduce the time and cost required for adjustment of the development and testing environment.

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