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Books on Swift programming

What is X-code?

X is a software development toolset which used to develop all the applications in Apple productions, for example, the Mac ,IOS, I-watch and for the other  I-products. And this is one of the most popular pro apps on apple production platform.  This was firstly released in 2003 and this tool set is written in C , C++ ,object C etc .x code is a freeware and it comes with open source components.  The latest version of the x code was downloaded fourteen million times.  The latest version was special because the central of the development was the programming….

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Best books on Cryptography

What is encryption?

Encryption is a way of securing the communication we use in our day to day lives. This method will protect the privacy and the security of the message and the message will transfer only to the relevant party. It will prevent the message from going to unauthorized parties as well as being hacking. Encryption simply can define as converting the plain text message into a random and meaningless text which only can be understood by decrypting it. Decryption is the reverse form of encryption. This is described as the meaningless…

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Best book for operating system

What is an Operating system?

Simply it is the chief program which manages both software and hardware and acts as the connector of both resources. It has control of every process, file, all the sections of memory and device. It is also the interface between the user and the computer. Windows, Mac OS are some popular examples for paid Operating systems as well as Linux, Ubuntu is well known free operating systems. Also Android and IOS are..

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Books on web hosting

Hosting Service

A web hosting service is used to access websites via world wide web.

To make your website visible on the world wide web your site files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the internet. These large high power computers called web servers. Web hosting service companies physically have more than one servers in one location and it called data center.  In addition, website host provides the security, software, bandwidth and support to connect your website to the internet.

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Best books on cloud computing

What is cloud computing

To meet every changing business needs organizations, need to invest time and budget to scale up their IT infrastructure. Like hardware, software and services. However, with on premises, IT infrastructure scaling can be slow. And organizations are unable to achieve optimal utilization of the IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is a paradigm shift that provides computing over the internet. A cloud computing servers consist of highly optimizing virtual data centers.

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