Human resource management definition

Human Resource Management Definition

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Introduction what is human resource management

In a company when they simply have a vacancy the top managerial board request a specialist to find the most suitable person for the position. The human resource manager is the specialist who does this job. Recruitment is a first stage of the human resource management.  And also this is a vital link in the company and the role structure. Making sure that the people match with company`s purpose is also a responsibility of the human resource management. And there are much more responsibilities of this human resource management department in the company. They provide expert advice to the managers about how they can improve their team’s performance. And suggest training options optimize staff potentials. Human resource management also looks for the safety need of the staff and also acts as intermediaries. And also human resource management makes sure the main resource which is the office staff and the customers are satisfied with the services.  They make sure the office crew gets paid properly according to the workload was given. Mainly human resource management always protects and takes care of the human resource of the company.

Human resource development

Human resource development is about personal development, professional development, performance administration and organization development within the company. Personal development mainly means developing the human resource`s interpersonal abilities and skills, to make them corporate with the inside and the outside environment and to do their work more efficiently. Professional development is developing the office staff’s career and makes them proficient in their job. It is also a main part of the human resource development. Performance administration is all about dividing and administration between the performance and the connection with the human within the company. This involves both office co-workers and the customers. And finally, another part of the human resource development is organization development. Developing the abilities and skills of the co-workers and the management of the organization, developing the higher possibilities and identifying them under organization development.

Human resource planning

Human resource planning is to identify the correct person at the right time for the most suitable job title according to the skills and abilities which are expected at a minimal cost and time.  There are main objectives of human resource planning. These should ensure the optimal usage of the human resources and also should be more consider about the organization’s future assets and requirements. Recruitment, management, and organization of the human resources are also a major part of the planning. Cost controlling and formulation of policies is also should be done in the human resource planning.  The main reasons to have human resource planning in the organization is to cope with the inside changes, to provide various skills and abilities to the organization and for the protection of weaker parts in the organization when it is dealing with the society.

Personnel management

Personnel management is developing and encouraging the skills and use of those skills in the people who is employed in the organization in order to achieve the organization’s goals and individual potentials.  Formulating, proposing and gaining acceptance by personnel policies are the prime responsibility of the personnel management.  In a new job, recruitment personnel management is used to identify the potentials of each individual so that the organization can use those skills and develop them for the business success.

Human resource planning process

There are five necessary steps when panning the human resource in the organization.  Step one is to determine the organization’s goals. Step two is all about understanding and identifying the business environment. Gap analysis is the third necessary step. Step four is to set human resource priorities to help in achieving the organization or the department goals.  The final step is to evaluate and report the progress and consider to change or to go through the same process again which was conducted in the human resource planning.

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