Meaning and definition of management

Meaning and definition of management

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What is management?

Management is an activity. When it is related to an organization inside it, management can be defined as a set of activities aimed to achieve the organization goals with the help of organization resources using in an effective manner. Early management theories focused on controlling workers. Management was conceived during the industrial revolution when factories necessitate organizing the work with large group of people.

The manager is the person in the organization who has the ability to manage the work with all the recourses and direct the co-workers in order to achieve the origination goals.

A manager needs good management skills. The key skills can be divided into three categories. They are management performance, managing people and managing the organization. The manager should have these key management skills because they have specific competencies.

Effective management

An effective or a good management is the use of key skills and practices directly applied to the right time to help the organization reached to its highest potential. Early ages the coworkers were forced and punished in order to get the job done and to achieve the goals sooner. But we have come to a modern world where the co-workers should be treated properly and the management should be done effectively. A good manager should have skills for an effective management.

There are four most popular effective management tips in the society. Number one, the manager or the management unit should get to know about the co-workers and should be able to like them. In order to get the job done and for an effective management you should know people and should be able to work with them. Because you have to organize, coordinate, train and direct them to the right path. Before all these, you should understand and get to know what their potentials are. Number two is you should have a good communication skill for an effective management. The ability of their understanding level should match with your communication level. It will be much easier for you to get the job done and for an effective management within the organization. The tip number one will also guide the tip two. Number three is you should have the ability to build coworker`s morale. Rewarding and recognizing them will do a higher portion but you need to have the ability to make them follow your guidance. In order for them to follow you, you need to invest in your own development.  And that will be the tip four for an effective management for the organization.

Strategic management

There is no proper way of defining or a model for the strategic planning in an organization but however, it is a process or a plan in order to achieve the organization’s overall long term goals. This strategic management should include a situational analysis all the time. this is about understanding the organization’s internal, external and current environment and behavior. This process takes around three to five year. But if the organization environment is highly dynamic it is necessary to go for a shorter period of time for the strategic management. As the analyzing, the current state was the first step for the strategic management the second step should be defining the future state. The mission statement is the main point. Determination of objectives and strategies can be followed after that. These objectives should be directly pointed in order to achieve the organization’s long-term goals. Implementation and evaluation are the final necessary step in the strategic management.

Management skills and development

In order to manage the organization effectively, the manager should have management skills and should develop and improved further. The skill triangle is an easier model which describes three aspects of a great manager who has the proper management skills. The three aspects are technical skill, critical thinking skill, and the people skill.

Having the technical skill is the main point. Without the technical it skill is much harder to become a good manager because the co-workers will not guide the lead of a less knowledgeable person than them. Critical thinking skill is essential because all the decisions you make will affect in each step and you should have the ability of thinking further and get the right decision at the right time. And the most important skill is the people skill. You should have the ability to work with people communicate the, lead them to direct them, train them, make them do the work without any hesitate. And all the above skills should be included in a manager and those management skills should be performed well and develop to make the organization a well-managed unit.

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