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What is project management methodology

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What is project management?

A project is a temporary endeavor which has a definite beginning and end, that is carefully planned and divided into several phrases to give a unique output. Project management is simply managing the project and the time period of the ongoing project. There are several phases of project management. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and control process and closing are the phases include in the project management. A collection of all these steps is also called the project life cycle.  Why do we need project management? Because only one-fourth of projects are only successfully developed and entitled to the market.  And more than thirty-one percent of IT based projects are being canceled before completion. And also mainly those projects which select to get into the market have only forty-two percent of the original features in the end product.

Project management methodologies

There are six most popular project management methodologies used in the field.

Waterfall method is the simplest and the direct method so far. There are five main stages. Requirement analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance are the order of the stages. One step should be reached after finishing the above stage. This should have a flow. Just like the waterfall.

The second methodology is agile. This approach allows team decisions, continuous planning, and integration. Next is the adaptive methodology. In this project management methodology project scope is a variable. This has only three things to be looked into. The concept, try and evaluate are the three stages. Another popular project management methodology is the scrum. This is an iterative methodology. This is suitable for small projects which required quick feedbacks and rapid responses to change. Next is the lean methodology. This project management methodology mainly focuses on delivering more value in a less waste in the environment. Finally, the sixth popular project management methodology is kanban. In this, everything is done in an order. Mainly to minimize the wastage and the time spent.

In spite of these project management methodologies, there are various kinds of methodologies which perfectly fit into your project. By following these you can easily management the project of yours and can lead towards the success.

Project management skill

The project manager is the main person of the project management who manages everything related to the project. He needs special skills to go through this project management process. Leadership is needed to guide and get along with the project team. He needs to have a clear vision to lead the team. And also communication skills hold a greater part. Management is all about managing the whole scenario and the crew. Communication is a must in order to handle the project within the given time. Project management also needs information technology for the tactics. Using project management based tools really helps to organize the whole project and keep the thing up to date. So a little skill in it is also essential.  Accounting is also needed. Purchasing skills and problem-solving skills are also necessary to get along with the project management done correctly.

In project management, you need to see the whole scenario at once. Not one by one like other management processes. Project management needs the ability to look into the project and see the whole process at once until the end. That skill will make your project management much easier and successful. So you have to keep an eye on the end goal.

Managing crisis is also an essential skill because no project is perfect. You should have all the above-mentioned skills and the abilities to apply here in order to win this.  You should need to keep the team together, take the responsibility identify the faults and the high points at a glance and should be able to handle it very sensitively and quickly. Because project management does not exists for a long period. We should be able to take and use the best out of the short time that we have given. That’s what project management is all about.

Project management process

From the start of the project until the end whether it became succeed or not it goes through the project management process , what runs inside as the project management process steps matters towards the project’s success. PMBOK is the main element which will lead you to the project success. PMBOK defines the project management processes that would help you to maintain the effect and to manage the smooth floor for the success. There are forty-seven processors defined in PMBOK. Depending on their purpose and interactions these processes are categorized into process groups. Two processes will help you in the initiating stage.  There are twenty-four processes which will help you to organize and to prepare in the planning stage. Also, eight processes can help you to carry out working in the executing stage and finally two processes are present in the project closure.

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